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21/03/2018 @ 4:50
China has been upfront about its plans to become an AI-first state. In 2017, 530+ video surveillance patents and 900+ facial recognition patents were published in China. via @cbinsights
19/03/2018 @ 13:30
RT @ottobs: Podcast «De som bygger det nye Norge» m @norheim_ibm der han snakker m @SilvijaSeres om hvor #IBMWatson allerede skaper verdi h…
19/03/2018 @ 7:57
RT @shewrote: @SilvijaSeres what an awesome interview with you in @DN_no Saturday! 🙌😀This one's for you: SilvijaSeres photo
19/03/2018 @ 7:57
@shewrote @DN_no Woohoo! Now I am dangerously inspired 😎 On that note. Anne, should we not make a really fun gathering for all these good startup heroes around here, not yet another pitching thing, for those of us who refuse to kite?
19/03/2018 @ 6:53
@shewrote Well. I would prefer Leia or Wonderwoman (padded) 💪