Search-related Papers by Silvija Seres

Book of Search
A FAST book edited by Silvija Seres and created by Kjetil Halvorsen, Tony Hart, Damien Islam-Frénoy, John Puopolo, Pernille Wessel and Carine Zeier
In the industrial ages, effective management of natural resources was the key to success of organizations and companies; in this digital age, the same holds true for effective management of information resources. Then as now, is not enough to just have these resources; their value can only be judged by the ability to use them. It is good search that makes available information usable. It collects in, cross-connects it, analyses and normalizes, prepares and classifies, secures it and structures it. To understand the true value of search, we invite you to join us on a technical roundtrip of some of the most important search features. Based on more than one hundred search-focused workshops, we have built a collection of Search Best Practices, and here we summarise them in twelve short whitepapers.
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A Strategic Perspective on Search Engines: Thought Candies for Practitioners and Researchers
An article by Arvind Rangaswamy, C. Lee Giles and Silvija Seres published in the Journal of Interactive Marketing (Volume 23, Issue 1, February 2009)
Search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! Search, are more than just portals or information tools. In fact, they are agents of a transformation that is making the business environment more transparent, and thus, potentially more competitive. This new environment is creating opportunities and challenges for businesses of every stripe. In this paper, we explore the following topics: (1) what are search engines exactly, (2) what businesses can do with search engines, (3) how are, and how should, senior executives be viewing the strategic impact of search engines, and (4) what are some important research issues for academics and practitioners that would help us gain a better understanding of the strategic impact of search engines.
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A Roadmap to Search as a Strategic Enabler
A KM World white paper by By Bjørn Olstad and Silvija Seres (April 2005)
This is the beginning of the Age of Search. Whether enterprises realize this or not, search is becoming the de facto way of finding information, driving new business models and gaining operational efficiencies. As many traditionally separate markets are converging, new competitive patterns are being developed and search is at the heart of many of them.
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What is Contextual Search
A KM World white paper by Bjørn Olstad and Silvija Seres (November 2005)
Contextual search is the convergence of three dominant approaches within the major areas of modern information retrieval:
1. Intelligent text and data mining, enabling information discovery through automated concept modeling and exploration of patterns;
2. Flexible content structuring technologies, enabling XML schema independence and cross-connection of content from structured and unstructured sources; and
3. High-performing search technology, enabling scalable and fast content gathering, processing and retrieval in face of exploding information volume and complexity.

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User Driven Information Discovery
A KM World white paper by By Bjørn Olstad and Silvija Seres (March 2006)
In past decades, information-intensive businesses profited from dropping storage costs. Computer systems offered simple and inexpensive data retention—in databases, document repositories and email archives. Within the scope of their design, these systems succeeded, creating massive amounts of digital information typically stored in application “silos”.
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Building the Search Center of Excellence
A KM World white paper by Hadley Reynolds and Silvija Seres (October 2006)
Search is strategic; however, the strategic potential of search is not captured by the act of acquiring a powerful search platform alone. Pioneering firms are now developing a new kind of management approach to help deliver maximum value across multiple search-driven applications: the “search center of excellence.” It is a structured approach, utilizing a focused cross-functional team, and it is emerging as a practical tool to drive search innovation and deliver high quality online experiences.
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Business Intelligence Built on Search: The Adaptive Information Warehouse
A FAST white paper by Davor Sutija, Torstein Thorsen, Todd Wilson, Julianna Cammarano and Silvija Seres
The Adaptive Information Warehouse is a single platform, offering Data Integration, Linguistic Data Cleansing, Alerting, and Ad-hoc Query and Report generation. This vision is based on a business intelligence solution built on modern enterprise search. In this article we explore the benefits of this approach and explain how it is enabled by search.
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Search Usability Handbook
A FAST handbook by Silvija Seres and Laura Arlov
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