Interviews prior 2015

Interviews prior 2015

Underveis, October 2014 (in Norwegian)
A profile interview, in a book of interviews of leading Norwegian business people.
Book: PDF
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Innovating Women, September 2014 (in English)
An article about me, written by Daniella Alpher, in an international book on innovative women in the technology space.
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INSEAD, 24. January 2014 (in English)
Profile on INSEAD alumni web.
Article: html

Teknisk Ukeblad, 14. March 2013 (in Norwegian)
A short career-related interview.
Article: PDF

Teknisk Ukeblad (online), 8. March 2013 (in Norwegian)
A listing of top ten technology women in Norway.
Article: HTML

BI Student Newspaper “Inside”, 21. October 2012 (in Norwegian)
Interview about Startup Weekend, where I gave a lecture about strategy and business plan creation.
Article: PDF

HegnarMedia and Abelia, 11. October 2012 (in Norwegian)
Interview with Dilek Ayhan on how to make Norway even more attractive for international talent.
Article: HTML

Evening Standard, 31 August 2012 (in English)
Does Norway know best?
It is nearly 10 years since the country legislated to get more women into the boardroom.
Pippa Crerar looks at the effects of introducing a quota.
Article: HTML

Aftenposten, 15 May 2012 (in Norwegian)
Vil skape ro for Telenor
Svein Aaser trolig valgt som ny styreleder i Telenor i morgen.
Silvija Seres foreslaas valgt blant bedriftsforsamlingens aksjonaervalgte medlemmer som nytt ordinaert medlem i Telenors nominasjonskomite.
Article: HTML, 3. March 2012 (in Norwegian)
Portrait interview.
Article: HTML

Utrop, 2. February 2012 (in Norwegian)
Joint interview with Dilek Ayhan, about multicultural talents in Norway.
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Aftenposten, 7. January 2012 (in Norwegian)
Interview about internationalization of boards in Norway.
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Kapital, 9. Sep 2011 (in Norwegian)
Profile article about Silvija, and related articles about young multicultural entrepreneurs in Norway.
Profile: HTML
Tiger cubs: PDF
Top30: PDF

Dagens Naeringsliv, 7. Dec 2010 (in Norwegian)
Article with advice to young multicultural talents on how to succeed in Norwegian market.
Profile: HTML

Die Zeit, 5. August 2010 (in German)
Article about women on boards and interview of Silvija.
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Page 2: PDF
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Dagens Naeringsliv, 10. July 2010 (in Norwegian)
Profile article about Silvija, related to her election into the Board of Directors for Statkraft.
Profile: PDF

Austrian TV, 2. March 2010 (in German)
Weltjournal, aired on ORF2 (Austria) 2011-03-02, interview with Silvija Seres & Family.
TV interview: video

E24, 9. September 2009 (in Norwegian)
Selection into the topp 10 young leadership talents in Norway.
Profile: html
All 10 top talents: html
TV interview: video (Look for “To unge, kvinnelige ledertalenter”)

Dagens Naeringsliv, 15. February 2005 (in Norwegian)
Article about Fast Search and Transfer and its consulting group led by Silvija.
Profile: PDF